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100th Channel Launch
MTV base Africa

Musicians and fans gathered in South Africa on April 21, 2005 for the launch of MTV base Africa, MTV Networks' 100th channel worldwide.
Barrio 19
A German martial arts expert is one of the many talents featured on Barrio 19, MTV Networks' first series ever to premiere on mobile TV. (April 24, 2006)
Carson Daly
Carson Daly is a popular television personality who served as a host and VJ on Total Request Live.
Head & Body
Head & Body is the first originally produced 'made for mobile' entertainment series distributed globally by Motorola & MTV Networks International.
Meeting Mandela: A Staying Alive Special
Meeting Mandela: A Staying Alive Special featured stories of young people relating their life experiences to that of Nelson Mandela, the great humanitarian and former President of South Africa.
Memorable Performances
At the end of a show-stopping opening performance of Like A Virgin, Madonna and Britney Spears locked lips in a memorable MTV moment during the 2003 VMA's at Radio City Music Hall.
MTV's original promo spots featured a 'moonman' placing an MTV flag on the moon. The moonman has since become MTV's iconic, unofficial mascot.
MTV Boombox
MTV Boombox is a customizable on-demand music and entertainment broadband and mobile community platform that launched in Korea in May 2006.
MTV Overdrive
Starting in 2005, MTV Networks has launched several broadband channels globally.
MTV Video Music Awards Moonman Trophy
Since its inception in 1984, the MTV Video Music Awards has awarded MTV Moonman Trophies to top artists of the year.
Original VJs
Clockwise from left, MTV's original veejay lineup: Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn
Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride has gained cross-cultural appeal by connecting its global audience to 'tuner' and car culture. Rapper Xzibit hosts the U.S. version.
Punk’d features Ashton Kutcher and his team of co-conspirators pulling off elaborate pranks on his celebrity friends, including Justin Timberlake.
Staying Alive: Clinton Uncut
Former US President Bill Clinton speaks to a youth audience about HIV and AIDS during a special program, Staying Alive: Clinton Uncut, filmed at the 2002 International AIDS Conference in Barcelona. Staying Alive is MTVNI's multimedia prevention campaign that empowers viewers to protect themselves and their loved ones from HIV and AIDS.
The Osbournes
MTV introduced America to The Osbournes on March 5, 2002.
The Real World
First premiering in 1992, MTV's The Real World is the first reality television series to gain a national audience and continues to be the longest running program in MTV history. The first season was set in New York City.
Unplugged: Shakira
Shakira performed on MTV Unplugged in 1999, which scooped a Latin Grammy, garnered worldwide attention and set the scene for a powerful crossover bid.